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ASICs (Aviation Security Identification Cards) and AVIDs (Aviation Identification) show that the holder has a current security check but only an ASIC can be used at security controlled airports. ASICs are normally valid for up to 2 years and AVIDs are normally valid for up to 5 years.

While an AVID and an ASIC are both evidence that background checks have been undertaken, the background checks for the AVID are not equivalent to the checks for the ASIC.

At a minimum, all pilots 18 or over must undergo the background checks for an AVID. Only those pilots who require access to a secure area of a security controlled airport will need to undergo the more robust background checks for an ASIC.

To streamline processes and remove any duplication, pilots who undergo the background checking for an ASIC do not have to undergo the background checking for an AVID.

If you plan to fly into a security controlled airport that has RPT services you need to have an ASIC.

Applying for renewals

You should apply for the renewal of your ASIC or AVID 4 to 6 weeks before your current card expires.

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