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CASR Part 175 – Aeronautical information management

The role and importance of aeronautical information and aeronautical data changed significantly with the implementation of area navigation (RNAV), required navigation performance (RNP), airborne computer based navigation systems and data link systems. Corrupt or erroneous aeronautical information and aeronautical data can potentially affect the safety of air navigation.

ICAO requires Contracting States to the Chicago Convention to provide an Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) which publishes aeronautical data and aeronautical information in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). CAR 233 (1)(h) requires pilots to carry aeronautical maps, charts, aeronautical information and instructions published in the AIP relevant to the route being flown and any alternate route that may be flown, or by a person approved by CASA.

Additionally, the details of waypoints and navigation aids are contained in navigation system databases such as Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Flight Management Computers (FMC) and Flight Management Systems (FMS).

CASR Part 175 will create standards to ensure that the integrity and quality of aeronautical data and aeronautical information is maintained throughout the aeronautical data processing chain from data originator to AIS provider to commercial data service providers.

The proposed CASR Part 175 will establish:

  • the requirements for AIS providers
  • the requirements for data service providers (current CAR 233 (1)(h) approval holders)
  • the requirements for aeronautical data originators
  • powers for collection of data about objects and structures that affect aviation safety.

CASR Part 175 will allow CASA to approve AIS providers and data service providers. Additionally, data service providers can be approved to publish aeronautical data and aeronautical information that can be used instead of the AIP or be approved to supply aeronautical data for air navigation databases.

Who Part 175 affects

  • Airservices Australia
  • Publishers of aeronautical information products
  • Suppliers of aeronautical data for air navigation databases
  • Aerodrome operators
  • Department of Defence
  • Geoscience Australia
  • Bureau of Meteorology
  • Organisations that own, control or operate an object or structure
  • Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government authorities
  • Airlines
  • Aircraft operators
  • Pilots.

Key Proposals

Please refer to History - Notice of Proposed Rule Making � NPRM 0901AS � Aeronautical information services issued 7 October 2009.

Contact details

Email: Roy Tuomela - Manager ATMS Standards, Standards Division

CASR Part 175